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Law. Business. People.

It’s easy enough to find a law firm. Finding one that understands how businesses work, not always so easy. Finding one with talented people who are great to work with, well, that’s just wishful thinking. Or is it? Welcome to Greenberg & Bass. Our firm is that exceptional combination of experienced legal professionals who possess a solid grasp of the complex issues facing today’s businesses. We represent corporations, closely-held businesses, entrepreneurs, shareholders, and individuals. They expect strategic thinking, resourcefulness, and a pragmatic approach to solving their business problems, protecting their interests, or seizing opportunities for growth. We don’t disappoint. We also happen to believe that the firm’s most significant asset is the caliber of people who proudly refer to themselves as “G&Bers.” A visit to our offices provides a glimpse of what it means to work in an environment where teamwork and mutual respect are practiced every day.

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Lead paralegal Theresa Krant, Attorneys Michael Conway, Yi Sun Kim, John Yates.

The G&B Legacy

Clients know there is something different about G&B – we are convinced it’s our people. And that is a framework set in place by the firm’s founders thirty years ago. Arthur A. Greenberg and Robert D. Bass established the firm in 1984 and focused their practice on bankruptcy and insolvency matters. Over the years, they recruited attorneys to establish and grow the firm’s litigation and transactional practice areas. Under their leadership, G&B emerged as one of the San Fernando Valley’s leading full-service law firms – a reputation that is thriving thirty years later.

Arthur and Bob placed a high premium on the people who joined the firm, whether attorneys or staff members. Jim Felton and David Adelman, the firm’s present management team, are dedicated to continuing this tradition. Find out what it means to work with – or work for – a law firm that gets it right. Contact us today.

Arthur Greenberg & Robert Bass (standing); Jim Felton & David Adelman.